Situational Coaching for Explosive Offense


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  • Learn how to control tempo and arc points for the set
  • Teach the arm swing techniques necessary for an explosive attack
  • Learn how to attack from different zones at the net
Features & Benefits

Make your offense more explosive and complicated to defend

  • Learn how to control tempo and arc points for the set
  • Teach the arm swing techniques necessary for an explosive attack
  • Learn how to attack from different zones at the net
with Bond Shymansky,
University of Iowa Head Coach;
former Marquette University Head Coach; 2013 Big East Champs;
former Georgia Tech Head Volleyball Coach; 2004 ACC Coach of the YearBond Shymansky breaks down the components you need to have a more explosive offense. It all starts with ball control of the passers, arc points and tempo of the setters, and speed and power of the hitters. For a team to be more explosive, they need to attack out of more zones at multiple tempos. Coach Shymansky shows all the net zones – from zone 1 to 9 – for each hitter to attack. Additionally, he covers transition from defense to offense for each front row player.First Contact Ball Control

See what is needed from the first contact in order to run an explosive offense. Coach Shymansky covers two main points: Pass height and where the setter should take the ball in relation to the net and their body. He focuses on the arc point of the pass and what is necessary to keep a fast tempo, as well as how to push tempo and make your technique explosive.

First Contact Speed

Coach Shymansky introduces three types of transition footwork for hitters. The goal is to get hitters to be explosive off the net. You will learn how to teach efficient transitional footwork for left side, right side and middles hitters that is precise and explosive.

Arm Swing

With his players, Coach Shymansky demonstrates the mechanics of the proper arm swing. This detail is often overlooked by coaches. The misconception is if a player is hitting hard, they must have a proper arm swing. However, a hard hitter may not be using a swing that will allow for an explosive offense.

Hitting Position

You will learn the different types of attacks each hitter can run in an explosive offense. Coach Shymansky demonstrates the different hitting options for left, right and middle hitters. You’ll learn different tempos of hits and hits from different locations on the net. Coach Shymansky even shows where hitters should take off from.

In order for an offense to be explosive, teams must work the different net zones and different tempos. Moving along the net zones for attacks will give hitters a 1-on-1 situation they can exploit. Multiple types of attacks are provided from each zone on the net.

Serve Receive

Learn how to have plays prepared when a good pass out of serve receive takes place. Coach Shymansky explains five combo plays. In each combo play, he explains who your team should try to pick on defensively, where you can get kills from, and which blockers you should try to put pressure on.


Learn how to run an explosive offense out of transition. This is valuable in the middle of a rally when your team gets a free ball or a perfect dig out of defense. Coach Shymansky covers how the play should be called and who should be calling it.

All coaches want their offense to be more explosive and complicated to defend. This video will help give you an understanding of how to control the tempo of a game by developing technical components and system components and then tailoring them to your best situational coaching.

“I have been a coach for 14 years. Been to the state final four 4 times and found this video so helpful.” – Customer Review

66 minutes. 2016.