Our 7 Favorite Drills and Where to Find 115 More


  • Learn drills that focus on game like pressure of finishing the game in a 6-on-6 setting
  • Get goal-driven games to create an intense, competitive, and fun practice atmosphere
  • See how to tailor the drills to your team’s level of play
  • Learn how to progress drills from cooperatively to competitively to increases the the intensity level of the drills


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with Jenny McDowell, Emory University Head Coach;
2008 NCAA D-III National Champs, 2010 NCAA Runner-Up; 2008 NCAA D-III National Coach of the Year; 4x UAA Conference Champs; 5x UAA Coach of the Year; over 512 career wins;

and Judy Green, Birmingham-Southern Head Coach,
1993 AVCA National Coach of the Year; former University of Alabama Head Coach; over 600 career wins; played volleyball at Western Carolina where she was named Southern Conference Volleyball Player of the Decade for the 1980’s

If you’re a coach who loves adding new drills and variations to your drill book, DO NOT miss out on this great DVD. Coaches Jenny McDowell and Judy Green put together the top 10 drills for all teams to learn from. All the drills are very competitive and lots of fun to help transfer knowledge from the practice court to the match.

Jenny McDowell and Judy Green combine to share their 10 favorite drills that they use with their teams. The drills shown here aim to improve skills such as:

  • Passing Technique
  • Communication
  • Coverage
  • Libero Setting
  • Setting out of system
  • Scoring with off-speed shots
  • Blocking
  • Playing under pressure
  • And more!

These drills can be adapted to fit the needs of your team’s skill level and age.

Green and McDowell stress the importance of being organized for each and every practice. The presenters also encourage coaches to have a goal for every drill that they do. Each drill is explained in full, easy to understand detail and the goal is clearly stated. A group of skilled athletes demonstrate each drill at a very high level.

The last three drills presented in this video are all 6-on-6 drills that create pressure and put players through fast paced, chaotic situations. Some of these drills are old recycled drills that have been spiced up with some new twists and ideas to keep them fresh. Each drill explained can be used in a competitive nature to bring the best out in your athletes.

Whether you’re looking for completely new-to-you drills or simply ideas for progressing practice activities you already use, this is one to add to your library.