Ensuring Your Middle Shows Up for Every Swing


Train your middle hitters to:

  • Transition effectively and be ready to swing at every hitting opportunity
  • Always keep an eye on the setter
  • Transition from any blocking position
  • Attack different locations on the court

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with Rick Reynolds, Idaho State Head Coach; Two-time Big Sky conference Champions;Former Western Wyoming Community College Head Coach;2011 NJCAA Runner-Up; back-to-back NJCAA Final Four appearances (2010-11); 2x WCCAC Coach of the Year

and David Rehr, Arkansas State University Head Coach; former Head Coach at Blinn College;
2x NJCAA National Tournament Coach of the Year; 2x NJCAA Champions; 10x conference champions

Get your middles involved and make them a force to be reckoned with! Nationally renowned coaches Rick Reynolds and David Rehr share their thoughts and demonstrate drills on how to get your middles to transition and be ready to attack on every single ball during a rally.

The drills included in this video will give your middle attackers numerous repetitions in blocking, transitioning, approaching and attacking.

These drills will give your middles valuable reps in blocking and transitioning from all locations on the net, transitioning to different locations off of the net, and approaching to hit all different types of sets. Each drill starts out with a written set of instructions shown on the screen as the drill is explained. Then each drill is demonstrated with players and feedback from coaches.

The drills include basic individual drills with no ball, small group drills, and full 6-on-6 scrimmage drills. Every drill shares a common theme – middle transition.

The video focuses on getting the middles to transition every single offensive possession no matter where they come from or where they end up. These drills will improve your team in a variety of ways:

  • Reduce steps for quick transition
  • Incorporate the setter for game-like multi-player transition
  • Attack accuracy
  • Reading opponents’ setter and hitters
  • Closing the block

Reynolds and Rehr thoroughly explain how each drill can be tailored to meet the needs and level of your team.

This video shows you how to make your middle hitters the powerhouse of your offense. Push your team to the next level with a dominating middle attack!

Produced at the 2012 AVCA National Convention in Louisville (KY).

42 minutes. 2013.