Arm Swing Progressions for High Power Attacking


  • Get five easy to teach progressions to build the attack
  • Maximize the power in your arm swing
  • Reduce the stress on your shoulder to promote healthy hitting
  • Progressions are appropriate for players of all ages and all levels

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with Kevin Hambly,
Stanford University Head Coach;
former University of Illinois Head Coach;
2011 NCAA Runners-up; 2011 Volleyball Magazine Coach of the Year; President of the AVCA Board of Directors

Maximize the power of your swing by knowing the secrets of body positioning, arm action and rotational torque!

Kevin Hambly delivers five step-by-step progressions to teach this powerful attack. Each phase starts simple and adds variables to make the progression more complex. Whether you coach beginning or advanced athletes, these techniques will provide a road map for advancing your athletes through the phases of attacking.

Progression 1 – Throwing Motion
Hambly provides two simple drills to help teach upper body movements and the throwing motion. These drills will allow your athletes to feel how the attack plays out from their core through their arm swing. Hambly shows how to work this initial routine into an efficient, station-based workout activity.

Progression 2 – Take Off
Turn your horizontal momentum into vertical momentum! Hambly presents a simplified take off that focuses on the last two steps of the approach. Learn techniques that will ensure your athletes jump straight up versus floating forward, a common error in attacking.

Hambly builds on the take off by adding the upper body twisting motion required to generate power. He provides drills that will assist you with teaching these techniques to less experienced players.

For experienced players, Hambly shows swing mechanics for generating torque through the rotation and learning how to finish the swing.

Progression 3 – Adding a Ball
This progression begins simple and adds two variables to increase movement while remaining focused on the technical aspects of getting torque into your players’ swing.

Progression 4 – Adding a Setter
Having established a great attack movement and swing, Hambly increases the complexity moving into game like situations on the court. He includes variables such as setting a quick, setting a second tempo ball, hitting from a variety of locations along the net, directional hitting and more.

Progression 5 – Adding a Block
The final progression adds a blocker. Again, the drill variations move from simple to more complex and include skill such as hitting against a static block, against a moving block, allowing the hitters to place their shots and more.

These progressions are applicable to players of any age and any level of proficiency. This DVD provides the tools you need to minmize shoulder injuries while increasing the power in your attack!

40 minutes. 2011.