150 Strength and Conditioning Exercises for Volleyball: Penn State


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Features & Benefits

  • Learn the strength and conditioning secrets of Penn State Volleyball
  • Increase your athlete’s vertical jump, hitting power and defensive range
  • Develop the competitive fire in your athletes as they train
  • Bonus: Includes spreadsheet attachments on the DVD with additional drills and written workouts
with Cameron Davidson,
Penn State University Head Volleyball Strength and Conditioning CoachPenn State Volleyball Strength and Conditioning Coach Cameron Davidson opens his training manual and shares everything he uses at Penn State for strength and conditioning. This information-packed DVD includes 150 exercises and variations.Davidson’s program develops “volleyball fit” athletes through physical and mental discipline and toughness. As a whole, these exercises will improve your athletes vertical jump, hitting power and first-step quickness to increase defensive range. Prehab for shoulder and knee health are also at the forefront of this program.Throughout this DVD you will not only see the exercises coached and demonstrated, you will receive invaluable insights into proper technique.Also wrapped into Davidson’s comprehensive program are two critical elements for championship play; competitiveness and fun! When you watch these players demonstrate these drills and exercises you will see the competitive spirit and work ethic of champions!This presentation includes:
On court areas:

  • Dynamic Warm up and Stretches
  • Quick Feet Drills
  • Plyometrics
  • Agility Exercises with Competitive Drills
  • Reaction Drills
  • Conditioning

Weight room areas:

  • Weight Room Warm Up
  • Glute Exercises
  • Clean Variations Box Jumps for training explosiveness
  • Squats
  • Lunge Series
  • Bench Press Exercises
  • Row Exercises
  • Pull downs and Band Workouts
  • Back Exercises
  • Balance Exercises
  • Medicine Ball Exercises
  • Ab Exercises

This is the most comprehensive library of volleyball strength and conditioning exercise that has ever been assembled. The success of Penn State Volleyball has come with a comprehensive training philosophy and volleyball focused strength and conditioning. Now you can use these sames techniques and exercises in your program!129 minutes. 2011.